Each week of the contest 100 maximum team points are awarded for exercise and 50 points are given for on-time reporting. At the end of the contest, bonus points are given to members of the team who meet their weight loss, exercise or both goals. At the end of ten weeks, the team exercise and on time reporting points can equal 1500.  Add in the maximum for each individual meeting both their exercise and weight loss goal and you have  4500 points. Maximum team bonus points come to a 2000 points.(1000 for everyone meeting their exercise goal. 1000 for everyone meeting their weight loss goal.) A total of 6500 points.

What separates teams the most at the end of the contest is the 1000 point bonus awarded if everyone on the team meets their weight loss goal. Many teams will attain the 1000 bonus points for having a perfect team exercise record, but getting everyone to meet their weight loss goal separates the winners from the rest. Back