8 Point Team Captain  Check List


To join a conference call:
Dial 305-848-8888
Select "Join a Conference Call"
Enter the pin 1593548057#

Click here for new video verification process

Please print the three documents below marked with Print.


Contest site opens January 28th.

Pick a day from January 26th to February 1st to record each personís weight and begin counting days of exercise

Enter names, starting weights and goal weights for each member of you team by February 1st

Your first report of days of exercise is due February 8th




If you cannot attend any call


to set a time

to discuss

Steve Musgrave at smusgrave@healthyohio.org.







1): Each member of my team has signed a liability release.

2): I have read the Team Captain Instructions and realize the team may be penalized if I do not enter my team's data each week by Tuesday, at noon.

Click to see pdf version of instructions.  Print

Click logo to get a copy of the acrobat reader for pdf files.

3): You win the contest by acquiring points. If everyone on your team exercises 30 minutes a day five days a week for ten weeks and meets their individual weight loss goals your team will earn 6500 points.

4): I have registered each member of my team and recorded a team name on my contest webpage.

5): Each member of my team knows the rules of the contest. They know they must meet both their exercise and weight loss goals to win an individual prize.

6): Each member of my team has set a reasonable weight loss goal and has an exercise and dietary modification plan prepared to make their goal. Print Member worksheet pdf

     For a poster to chart your teams progress, print Chart Poster (pdf file). Print

7): As a team we have agreed on a meeting format to exchange weekly data and provide team support.

8): I have named and trained an assistant team captain that can fill in if I am unavailable.


with your


For questions contact  Steve Musgrave at smusgrave@healthyohio.org.



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