Congratulations!  You have made it to the end of the contest!

 If you think everyone on your team exercised 5 days a week for all ten weeks, your score should be 1500 points on your team web page.  If everyone also met their weight loss goals your team score should be 6500.  If you think some data may be incorrect, contact us immediately. 
Most participants made excellent progress toward their goals.  Everyone at least made a start.  For those that have not made their weight loss goal, just keep doing what you started during the contest.  Keep following the simple rules of dietary modification and daily exercise.
Steve Musgrave, Contest Director, 440-354-8057,


A word about scoring.

Each week of the contest 100 maximum team points are awarded for exercise and 50 points are given for on-time reporting. At the end of the contest, bonus points are given to members of the team who meet their weight loss goal. 1000 team points are given to teams with everyone on the team meeting their weight loss goal. Likewise each team member earns a bonus for meeting the  exercise goal with 1000 team bonus points when all members meet the exercise goal. Individual bonus points add up to a maximum of 4500 points. Team bonus points come to a maximum of 2000.

What separates teams the most at the end of the contest is the 1000 point bonus awarded if everyone on the team meets their weight loss goal. Many teams will attain the 1000 bonus points for having a perfect team exercise record, but getting everyone to meet their weight loss goal separates the winners from the rest.