Next "Just Move" contest begins July 10, 2016

Take a Movement Break! Improved wellness is a journey paved with better choices. Today many of us sit too long without movement. This contest will help you be mindful of your daily habits and reduce your long periods of inactivity. Form a team! (4 10 per team) Pick crazy team names! Report your weekly progress. The rules of the contest are simple, each member should take at least 5 breaks a day. If you wish you and your team members can review the resources page to set the amount of time between movements that is right for you. Once an hour is the most common choice. Each participant should be able to report 5 per day to your team captain (more is up to you but 5 is the max reportable per day). Start by registering your team on the registration tab above. You will receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the contest. . Each week use the reporting page to report your team's total by team number. Hopefully in a few weeks you and your teammates will have better health habit. If you are interested send an email to:


Call the Wellness Council at 440.354.8057 with any questions.